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Lifestyle Family Photography Session | River Falls WI

Annie and I have been following each other on social media for over a year. When we were preparing and chatting about her family session weeks in advance, she informed me that their beloved golden retriever, Leroy, had cancer, and they wanted to document family pictures with him. She also informed me that they had a beautiful property that would be a perfect location for the pictures. As a family photographer here in western Wisconsin, that certainly makes my job a little easier when I don’t have to scout locations before-hand (there’s just soooo many good options here between Hudson and River Falls), BUT I did a drive-by anyways to see what I was working with. Little did I know, we lived less than 5 minutes from each other in River Falls, WI and I had driven past her property dozens of times, thinking to myself “this would make a great photo shoot location!” Funny how when you put something out into the universe, it can come back around full circle.

It was a gorgeous evening, with the sun setting beautifully over the pond and Leroy running around with the kids. We had to make sure we got some shots with him before we let him jump into the water. The kids were the just the best, with so much joy and energy you can see just seeping from their gallery. These kinds of sessions are why I love my job as a family photographer. Here are some of my favorite shots from the session with this gorgeous family.