Traveling to the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore | Part 2 | Madeline Island

Part 2 | Madeline Island

On day 2 of our Apostle Islands adventure, we knew we wanted to head to Madeline Island for some beach time and sight-seeing. But first, we needed to fill our bellies so we walked to Manypenny Bistro where we sat outside in the sunshine and scarfed down cream cheese-filled French toast, the Bistro Benny (amazing if you like hollandaise sauce), pancakes and veggie omelets.

Then we walked off our breakfast, passing the Bayfield Carnegie Library and countless shops, before packing up to head to the Madeline Island Ferry Line! The kids were so excited as we sat in line, waiting to drive our vehicle onto the ferry. Luckily, the ferry runs often (maybe every 15 minutes?) and they can fit ALOT of cars, so you're not waiting long. After getting situated on the ferry, we jumped out and headed to the top deck, wind in our hair, and Veda singing Frozen and Moana songs the whole time.

Once on the island, we stopped into the Adventure Vacations shop, bought some waters and a body board, and signed our waivers for the boat ride we were going to be taking the next day. We chatted with the owner, Karen, who has been kind enough to support my passion for photography by selling my prints of Devils Island Lighthouse and other Apostle Island landscape shots. If you stop in there (provided you haven't already booked a boat ride, kayak tour, or other excursion with them), try to find my 8X10's scattered around the huge shop and show them some love :)

We then headed to Big Bay State Park and met up with some dear friends of mine. One lives on the island in the summer with her boys and the other is her sister who was visiting with her newborn from Atlanta! I was so happy we were able to connect. We paid a small fee to enter the State Park and then loaded up our food and bags into a wagon, dragged it along a trail into the woods towards the shoreline, and found the famous CLIFFS! As other visitors cliff-jumped into the icy cold waters of Lake Superior, and others sun-bathed on the majestic rocks, we explored and talked about how the sunshine, Lake Superior, and the amazing natural architecture of this place made us so happy. Veda was in her own heaven, walking up and down the cliffs and just not wanting to leave.

But we wanted to find the beach, so we headed to Big Bay Town Park (not to be confused with the state park), where there is no fee and the campsites are always full. As you near the staircase, your view opens up to a gorgeous lagoon, filled with kayakers coming in from their adventures on Lake Superior. This place is HAPPENING! Walk down the staircase and along the boardwalk and find yourself a spot on the beach or in a hammock, wade in the warm lagoon that is currently being dug out to connect to Lake Superior on both sides, or play some volleyball and island music. We let the kids body board and play in the sand while we basked in the lovely sunshine. The weather wasn't quite tropical island weather, but it was warm enough to forget you were way far north ;)

When it was dinnertime, we headed back into LaPointe (the town on Madeline Island) and ate at The Beach Club. Then we headed to Grampa Tony's for some ice cream, eating it quickly before it melted down the cone while sitting in Adirondack chairs. People watching from here is the best, and we let the kids run out some energy before boarding our vehicle back onto the ferry. We were exhausted and ready for bed, and had so much planned for day 3, coming soon on the blog!

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