Please Don't Make Me a Liar, Donald Trump

I went to bed late last night expecting a Trump victory for President, and woke up this morning to have those expectations confirmed. *sigh*

Although I’m disappointed in America, the media, and both parties and their chosen candidates, I’m more sad for another reason.

My kids.

I know my kids are too young to understand anything that went on in THIS election, and THANK GOD. But in 4 years, my daughter will be 7 and my son will be 5 and the way that this day and age works, they will most certainly be aware (at least my daughter will) of campaign ads, false media stories, conspiracy theories, political stances that breed hatred, racism, sexism, and corruption, and fears from millions of people associated with those political stances. I can’t stop that from happening. And it KILLS me.

I looked at my daughter this morning, her smiling face as we watched the sunrise on the way to day care while listening to “Here Comes The Sun” by The Beatles, and I took it all in. That joy that she has when discovering amazing things about this world is so infectious, and it brings tears to my eyes.

Do you know what else brings tears to my eyes? The thought of having to explain to her how and why the people of the country she lives in could possibly elect a President who doesn’t stand for anything I have been and will continue teaching her.

I’m scared of being made to look like a liar. I’m afraid that someday, when I tell her that women are equal and respected, that her worth is not predicated on her looks, that her LGBT friends deserve everything she has, that her minority friends in school deserve the same respect that we do…..that she will turn to me and say “But, that’s not true Mom. You’re delusional. I get paid less than the male next to me and I work my ass off. The other day, I was called a fat ugly bitch because I disagreed with someone on social media. My transgender friend feels so alone and misunderstood. My black friend’s father was pulled over the other day at gun point and treated like a criminal because he resembled a robbery suspect. You’re wrong about the world.”


I’m curious what the history books will say about President Trump. When my children are in high school, will those books tell an accurate portrayal of the horrible things he stood up and said in front of millions of people? Will they show that he challenged our gracious, humble, up-standing and morale President Obama’s birth place in an attempt to show that he was not Christian (somehow a requirement now in order to be President despite religious freedom)? Will they show that he mocked Asian accents and called Mexican’s rapists? Will they show that his social media posts falsely claimed that most killings of whites are done by blacks? Will they show he publicly mocked a disabled journalist? Will they show that he called women slobs, fat, ugly, dogs, grotesque….all for not agreeing with him or challenging him?

I keep seeing people comment that Trump will be a better President than he was a campaigner. I don’t understand this logic. It’s asinine to assume that the colors Donald Trump has shown during his campaign (and throughout his life) are somehow not his true colors and that he will magically become a man who cares for the very people he has degraded for decades.

I also keep seeing comments that "America will be ok". Of COURSE we'll be ok and do you know why? Because there are good people in this world that will FIGHT to not let Donald Trump screw things up. I'm thankful for those people. What is NOT OK is that a man like him was allowed to even run as President. What is NOT OK is that a leader of our nation is a liar, racist, sexist, self-righteous and selfish man, standing trial for rape, and plays the system to his advantage. I would never work for a boss like him (and would fight like hell to get him stripped of any kind of leadership position) and I will tell my children to never work for a boss like him. Donald Trump needs to take a lesson from Abraham Lincoln on leadership, because he lacks it. And good leadership sets the tone for followership. You and I deserve a leader more worthy of this position than Trump and my kids deserve a better example of a leader, a proclaimed Christian, and a MAN than this. To quote my sister in law: "It's not Trump that scares me as much as what he has brought out in people. Racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, bigotry, fascism, etc." That, my friends, only changes with a good leader.

I do know that I will have to explain to my children that sometimes, a bad person wins. I want to also be able to explain to them that sometimes, a bad person can change. Please don’t make me a liar Donald Trump.